Timothy James Brook

Timothy Brook is a professor and writer on Chinese and world history at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. A native of Toronto and graduate of the University of Toronto, Brook moved from Toronto to become principal of St. John’s College at UBC in 2004, where he was named to the Republic of China Chair. He has also held positions at the University of Alberta (1984-86), Stanford University )1997-99), and the University of Oxford, where he was Shaw Professor of Chinese from 2007 to 2009.
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Latest Books:

Mr. Selden’s Map of China (2013)

mr seldens map of china
A work of history, biography, cartography, and literary mystery, Mr. Selden’s Map of China unlocks the secrets behind a Chinese map four centuries old, long lost in a library basement, and paints an unexpected portrait of the world just as global trade changed everything. The map arrived at Oxford’s Bodleian Library in 1659, part of Read more

The Troubled Empire (2010)

The Mongol Takeover in the 1270’s changed the course of Chinese history. The Confucian empire–a millennium and a half in the making–was suddenly thrust under foreign occupation. What China had been before its reunification as the Yuan dynasty in 1279 was no longer what it would be in the future. Four centuries later, another wave Read more

Death by a Thousand Cuts (2008)

With Jérôme Bourgon and Gregory Blue In a public square in the Beijing in 1904, multiple murderer Wang Weiqin was executed before a crowd of onlookers. He was among the last to suffer the extreme capital punishment known as lingchi. Called by Western observers “death by a thousand cuts” or “death by slicing,” this penalty Read more